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Chemistry and Environmental Protection 10 grade. Mandatory High School Curriculum
Автор: G. Bliznakov i co.
Обем: 94 стр.
Формат в мм.: 205х260
Издател: ИК "Анубис "
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Дата на включване: 2002-10-23
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In the 9th grade you have studied a number of inorganic and organic substances. You are also familiar with several theoretical topics clarifying the relationship between structure and properties of substances. This relationship is manifested in the chemical processes occurring in our everyday life or taking place in the surrounding nature. Therefore, we should know the laws they obey.

This textbook presents the energetic changes accompanying chemical reactions, the reaction rate and the factors, which influence equilibrium processes. Since most of the chemical processes are carried out in solution, basics of the theory of solutions are presented as well.

The above theoretical knowledge is applied to the study of several transition metals with biological activity.