English-Bulgarian Phrase-book - Ivan Genov

English-Bulgarian Phrase-book
Автор: Ivan Genov
Обем: 230 стр.
Формат в мм.: 165х115
Издател: ИК "Скорпио"
Мека подвързия
Дата на включване: 2003-03-24
Нашата цена: 5.21 лв

The English-Bulgarian phrase-book contains aII the words and phrases, that the English speaking tourists need for communication. It can be used in most situations. It is the best edition in Bulgaria.

• Handy, cheap and up-to-date

• Easy to use

• Complete and precise

• It guides how to conduct a simple conversation.

• It brings luck.

• It contains brief information about Bulgaria

• An edition deluxe of 230 pages

• 26 photos of Bulgarian sights

We wish you pleasant moments in Bulgaria.