Biology. Workbook. Grade 10 - Tanya Dimitrova, Kapka Kotzakova

Biology. Workbook. Grade 10
Автор: Tanya Dimitrova, Kapka Kotzakova
Обем: 136 стр.
Формат в мм.: 210х280
Издател: ИК "Булвест"
Мека подвързия
Дата на включване: 2005-10-06
Нашата цена: 6.55 лв

Biology is a wonderful science of life, nature and man. In this workbook we have chosen appropriate questions and assignments that will help you check your knowledge of structure, function, development of living organisms, their relationships and interaction with the environment as well, as develop your logical and creative thinking, state your opinion about many problems, and learn to take care of your own health and the health of others.

We hope that the diversity of tasks - complete the table, label the diagram, encircle the correct statements, analyze a certain biological phenomenon, support your answer and others, will make the “Journey" trough the field of living things enjoyable and beneficial.