BULGARIAN: Beyond the FIRST STEPS; A self-study sourcebook with Key - Mira Kovatcheva

BULGARIAN: Beyond the FIRST STEPS; A self-study sourcebook with Key
Автор: Mira Kovatcheva
Обем: 240 стр.
Формат в мм.: 210x280
Издател: ИК "Просвета"
Мека подвързия
Дата на включване: 2005-11-25
Нашата цена: 22.75 лв

Bulgarian: Beyond the First Steps is a self-study sourcebook containing authentic texts in up-to-date, everyday Bulgarian with detailed comments and friendly, informal explanations in English. The book is designed for learners who can read Cyrillic but need more confidence in dealing with Bulgarian aspect and tense and would like to expand their vocabulary. In it you will find: A checklist at the beginning summarizing the first steps in Bulgarian grammar for you. Comparisons with English structures. Loads and loads of varied exercises with Key. Vocabulary linked to media and advertising, tourism, economy, human relations, social life and entertainment. An honest view of Bulgaria which will make you love her! A learner’s Bulgarian-English list of vocabulary – with stresses provided, aspect and type of verb marked, difficult derived forms included.

The five tests at the beginning of the book will help those of you who have studied some Bulgarian to set their own level of achievement for the time being, and to serve as introductory texts for the exceptionally brave who haven’t studied any Bulgarian (but may have some experience with other Slavic languages). Every unit begins with some short texts and contains a reference section and a practice section. You will find plenty of encouragement for talking in the shape of vocabulary and structural models. You could also use the book with a teacher. Communicative tasks cover: Giving advice and recommendation Talking about people and emotions Describing what happened Summarizing the objectives of a project Talking about cause and effect Expressing opinion and giving arguments The Achievement Tests at the end of the book will give you some idea of how well you have been coping.